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Sparkblades start from making circular slitter knives 20 years ago,so we have excellent experience in manufactures and supplies thousands of both standard and custom size precision circular slitter knives and rotary slitting blades for most applications.


  • 9CrSi,6CrW2Si,Cr12MoV
  • Tool Steel (D2, M2, T1)
  • Alloy(W6Mo5Cr4V2,W18Cr4V)
  • Tungsten carbide
  • Stainless steel


  • metal slitting
  • paper slitting
  • film slitting
  • fabric slitting
  • textile slitting
  • leather slitting

Male (Upper) Blades


  • Dished Tops
  • Flat Slitters


  • Single bevel
  • Compound 1-sided bevel
  • Hollow ground bevel
  • Super finish
  • Smooth bore
  • Keyed bore
  • Bayonet bore

Female (Bottom) Blades


  • Single edge
  • Double edge

Locking Styles:

  • Keyway only
  • Keyed Excenter
  • Keyless Excenter (Nomar B)
  • Centry Power (Nomar-C)
  • Set screw