Rotary Slitter&Shear Knives

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Rotary slitter&shear knives

Rotary slitter knives for cutting and slitting the greatest variety of materials. Dimensions, materials, hardness and rubber coating all depend on the material to be cut

Sparkblades can recommend you best material according to your applications,we have various materials special for making knives,such as alloy tool steel,HSS,and many other materials

Every piece’s production and processing is Steel-choosing→Blanking →Forging Steel →Rough Processing →Heat treatment →Precise grinding→Finishing→Testing
The precision of the tool with regard to the thickness tolerance, the flatness, parallelism, surface finish on the one hand, and the properties of the material processed.
Forging Steel and heat treatment are confirm the hardness and the characteristics for different application.Precise grinding confirm the flatness, parallelism, surface.Sparkblades can reach a high precision,the surface of knives can via Precise grinding lapping or polishing to reach different surface quality

Our rotary slitter knives are applicated variety for all types of metal sections, for the following customer groups in the metal sector:

  • Integrated steel mills
  • Non-ferrous metal processors
  • Cold rolling steel mills
  • Steel service centers
  • Pipe mills
  • Metal packaging companies
  • Mechanical engineering companies
  • Stainless steels
  • Indium aluminum

Product description

  • Diameter up to 1500mm(59.06 inches)
  • Made from H13 , H13K , SKD11, LD , D2 and etc with 52-60 HRC
  • Thickness tolerances of up to +/- 0,005mm .
  • Flatness within +/- 0,005mm
  • Parallelism tolerances within 0.003mm (0.00012 inch)