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SMBC American Style press brake tooling is a full line of precision ground punches and dies.include 90°,88°,85°,75°,60°,45°,30°,26°,we have segments size , like 835mm seg(100L,10,15,20,40,50,200,300,100R), 805mm seg(100L,370,10, 15,20,40,50,100, 100R),795mm seg (100L,250,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,100,100R), 800mm seg(100L,10,15,20,40,50,165,300,100R),495mm seg(170,100,50,45,40,35,30,25).The system has the widest options available for American Amada, Haco punches and dies.all press brake toolings are made from 42CrMo,hardness is HRC47+/-3